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  • All contestants will receive e-certificate.

  • Teachers will receive teachers' e-certificate.

  • In each category, candidates who receive 97-100 points will become Diamond Prize Winners; 91-96 points will become Platinum Prize Winners, 85-90 points will become Gold Prize Winners, 80-84 points will become the Silver Prize Winners. Below 80 points will only receive the e-certificate of participation. There can be more than one Winner in each tier.

  • Diamond / Platinum/Gold/Silver Prize Winners' Teachers will receive an excellent teachers award e-certificate.

  • Diamond / Platinum/Gold Prize winners will receive personalised digital posters displaying their award achievements. These posters will also be published on the Winners Page.

  • Winners posters will be featured in the news press on the World Online Music Competitions Organization website.

  • The award recipient's winning record will be included in WOMCO World Music Competitions Multi-Award Achievement.

  • All our prize winners' teachers are eligible to join and be featured as a member of the WOMCO Honorable League of Global Exceptional Teachers.

  • There may be Special Prizes (Art of Musical Interpretation Special Prize, Excellent Creativity Special Prize etc.) appointed by the recommendation.

  • All prize winners can make award CDs and order paper certificates and medals at an additional cost here, after the publication of the results.

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